My name is Erin and I am a lover of seeing beauty in everything. I can't start my morning off without coffee (even if it is decaf, shhh don't tell!), I am addicted to pinterest, I spend more time in my kitchen than anywhere else in my house, I am terrible at decorating my house because I can never make up my mind so it mostly just stays blank, I am an avid clothes shopper but definitely am not "stylish", I bake and cook because it relaxes me and gives me satisfaction, I love sleeping in and even taught my oldest daughter how to turn on the TV so I could sleep an hour longer on the weekends, I claim to not like fall even though I really do- I just don't like that I know winter is coming SOON, I could live at the beach, I almost always have a book or 2 I am reading, I want to shake the hand of whoever decided leggings where acceptable as pants and I really hope you chose me to be your photographer because I also love meeting new people and capturing one of a kind pieces of art for you!

Erin Miles