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March 19, 2013  •  5 Comments

I feel extremely honored that I was asked to participate in a monthly blog circle called "For the Love". Several other very talented ladies and myself will be writing each month and posting pictures that inspire us. But before I could do that I had to step back and ask myself what does "For the Love" mean? There are a million different way you can define it but the truth of the matter is defining it isn't what we should be doing. FEELING it is much important. Words don't mean much if there is no emotion behind them.


So for my first post in this series, I want to show you where my heart truly lies. With my family. They are my every thing. My girls are my inspiration, my muses, my reason to pick up my camera when the world feels dark and bleak. My husband- he is my rock, my supporter, my soulmate. I would be nothing without these essential pieces of my life. They are what make up the fiber of my being and they are the reason I want to photograph every single minute of our lives. They make this life worth living and I don't want to miss a minute of it.


My Sophie, she just turned 4 and she is the sweetest little being I have ever met. She is sensitive but brave. She is kind and caring. She is a wonderful big sister and she awes me every day.


Sadie Belle (yes thats her real name, what do you expect? We are from Kentucky!)- we aptly nicknamed this firecracker "The Bulldozer". She is a girl on a mission and she knows what she wants and by god she is going to get it. And most of the time its food she wants. And she is just so darn cute, we usually hand over what it is she wants. LOL! She is sweetheart too. My little cuddle bug who I am fairly certain will be in bed with my husband and I every single night once she figures out how to escape from her crib.

My husband- 7 years married and still going strong. I think I love him more now that I did the day we got married. He is an incredible and caring husband and the best father a girl could ask for. I am so thankful my girls have him.

And finally, a rarely seen image of myself. I am a 30 year old, happily married, mother of 2 who loves cooking and photography. I am also a little addicted to buying baby carriers. Good thing Miss Sadie Belle likes being woren! My dear husband snapped this picture of me and Sadie this weekend on a hike on my mother in laws property.


Please go check out the very talented Julie Livermore for more "For the Love"


Veronica Armstrong(non-registered)
Erin you and your family are perfectly beautiful. I am so in love with this blog circle I can't even tell you. You guys are so talented and are pushing me to do better. Amazing work capturing the love in your family xo
Melissa Lloyd(non-registered)
Erin, I love these photos of your girls. They are precious! The second photo in black and white might be my favorite. :) You have a sweet family.
Your girls are so cute! I love that b&w picture, full of feelings!
Erin, You have such a beautiful family, can't wait to see more of them this year! I love that you included a photo of yourself, you look so happy snuggling your baby girl, and she will cherish that image as she gets older!
Brenda Bussell(non-registered)
Erin, you are such a good person. I have seen you grow so much in the last few years. Children will make you do that. I see things that you would never put much thought in doing. It just comes naturally for you. Your mother instincts are always right on target. You put your children first like a good mother should. Your husband is right there next in line for you. I can't tell you how good I feel when just around you with your family. Your love comes blazing through and over spills on us all. My son is very lucky to have found such a devoted woman for her family. Plus you work 2 jobs 60 hours a week I know with all your computer work added in. You keep house & you still find time to give your cat & dog special attention to. You are a go getter. You see something you want & you are a hound dog on a mission. Photography has become your next love. You are really good at it. Those pictures of life just show through like you we're standing right there experiencing that picture. Your pictures take us away from our real life. We can go where ever you have been without ever leaving our home. Good luck but I am sure you will do just fine. Look out photography people there is a new kid in town. She isn't to be messed with either. So just move over and give her that space cause if you don't she is just going to take it. Happy pics to you Erin.
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